China Led Circuit Board factory

China Led Circuit Board factory

led circuit board When electrons and holes recombine, they can radiate visible light, and thus can be used to make light-emitting diodes. Used as an indicator light in circuits and instruments, or as a text or digital display. The gallium arsenide diode emits red light, the gallium phosphide...

Product Details

Basic information about the product:

Specification model: single-sided FR4, plate thickness 0.8mm, copper thickness 1 oz, dark blue oil white, lead-free spray tin, aluminum substrate, single piece size 100*100MM

Order quantity and unit: 1500pcs

Process requirements: lead-free process

Circuit board over-boiler experiment: all self-purchased plastic molded patch materials must be reflow soldered

Inspection requirements: The general standard implements IPC-610E-2. All the first 3 pieces of PCB board with LED wick must be seen according to X-RAY. There is no welding phenomenon. Led welding is good. Normal production can be checked every 1 hour or so. X-RAY sees BGA IC welding condition. In order to produce properly.


Details of the production process:

SMT machine: This process must be confirmed for LED placement. The surface of the LED lamp cannot be cracked and scratched by the machine nozzle. The surface of the LED lamp can be confirmed by a microscope of 60 times or more.

Reflow soldering: When the LED lamp board is over the furnace, the furnace temperature must be tested with the corresponding PCB test board. The maximum temperature must meet the temperature requirements of the LED lamp.


PCB prototype

The principle diagram of the PCB:


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