Pcb Control Board security Smart Door Lock

Pcb Control Board security Smart Door Lock

Security smart door lock pcb control board The intelligent door lock control scheme is an important step for the embedded development of the door lock, so that wireless data conversion and wireless control can be realized on the hardware. The intelligent door lock mainly adopts the serial port...

Product Details

Pcb Control Board security Smart Door Lock

Basic information about the product:

Product Name: CBRJ45PCB-R V2

Specifications Model: double-sided FR4, TG170, plate thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 2OZ, lead-free spray tin, green oil white, single-chip shipment 17.58*4.45MM

Order Quantity: 980pcs

Smt points: 350

Dip points: 0

Delivery period: 5 days

Manufacturing Process: Using Lead-Free Solder Paste



1. Independent information management

2. Voice operation tips

3. Anti-swing alarm function

4. False password

5. Button remote unlock

6. Remote remote control


The welding method of the board: manual soldering, soldering iron temperature 370 degrees, soldering time 2-3 seconds, tin penetration 50%, post-welding reference Figure 1 Figure 2 and sample. After the product is welded, apply three anti-paints. The nut and the iron washer on the potentiometer do not need to be screwed on the potentiometer, and are delivered to the customer with the large goods.

Tin-passing requirements: 50% tin penetration

Brush three anti-paint: use Xinwei G50 brand three anti-paint, paint attention matters refer to the first sample

Split the board to the edge of the board: pay attention to the nut and the iron washer on the potentiometer, do not need to screw on the potentiometer


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