PCB Circuit Board For Coffee Machines

PCB Circuit Board For Coffee Machines

We can offer one-stop service for PCB Circuit Board For Coffee Machines assembly. With many years of experience and manufacturing facilities, we are able to tailor our services and products to meet the needs of our international clients. We use environmentally friendly, non-polluting production materials to provide customers with quality products, and uses Swedish MYDATA production equipment and high-standard production technology to ensure product quality.

Product Details

Basic information about the product:

Product use: coffee machine

Product classification: pcba assembly finished product

Product code: 2C1707B0-B-ASS

Specification model: PCBA, hardware assembly finished with wire

Pcb board information: FR4, 1.6MM, 10Z, lead-free spray tin, green oil white, 14.22mm*14.22mm/1UP

Order Quantity: 3550pcs

Delivery time: 3 days



Order information:

Order Type: New Order

Project requirements: pcba one-stop

Process flow: smt+ test + dispensing + assembly + packaging

SMT points: 158

Dip points: 10

Packaging requirements: custom requirements

Welding requirements for pcb board: 1. RWLS bit sensor hand sticker;

2, the sensor should not be too much to pour out from the tube, and the materials are not allowed to overlap.

13, when using the camera to pick up the component patch, please follow the illustration to pick and place

4, check before the furnace is correct, there must be no reverse, offset and shift!

5, after the sensor furnace, you need to add a protective cap, check whether the hat is clean before the cover,



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