PCB Board manufacture For Elevator And Lift

PCB Board manufacture For Elevator And Lift

The emergence and development of PCB Board For Elevator And Lift has brought major reforms to the electronics industry, greatly promoting the upgrading of electronic products.

Product Details

PCB Board manufacture For Elevator And Lift
Basic information about the product:

Product Name: NewPOS_v7.0_CONBoard

Product use: elevator button circuit board

Pcb information: double sided FR4, 1.6MM, 1OZ, HASL Lead free, blue oil white

Order Type: New Order

SMT points: 70

DIP points: 50

Production quantity: 6500pcs splicing circuit board


Process description of elevator circuit board products:

Manufacturing Process: Lead-Free Process

Product process flow: smt+dip

A/B surface: Firstly, the SIM card seat surface is produced. If necessary, the red glue is fixed to prevent the parts from being dropped when the second side is produced.

Solder paste requirements: Thousand Island Sn99/Ag0.3/Cu0.7/20 38wm

Welding method: manual welding

The types of components used on the board are roughly:

PCB, SMD resistor, SMD rheostat, SMD connector, SMD holder, SMD USB holder, SMD IC, SMD fuse, SMD tube, SMD transistor, etc


smt board

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