PCB low cost 3D Virtual Experience Device

PCB low cost 3D Virtual Experience Device

With AutoSterocopic technology, the so-called "true 3D technology", you don't have to wear glasses to view stereoscopic images. This technique uses a so-called "parallax fence" to allow two eyes to receive different images to form a stereoscopic effect. In order to form a...

Product Details

PCB low cost 3D Virtual Experience Device
Product file management:

Circuit board use: 3d virtual experience device

Product Classification: PCBA

Product code: 2C5501C0-PCBA

Pcb information: double-sided FR4, board thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free spray tin, green oil white, over-hole cover oil, single piece size 120.6*104.3MM;

Order Quantity: 7800pcs

Manufacturing delivery time: 18 days

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Order management information:

Project requirements: pcba one-stop service

Circuit board process flow: SMT+DIP+ test + three anti-paint

SMT points: 130

Dip points: 12

special requirements:

1. The customer confirms the return order. The PCB has no change. The BOM material record is the content changed in the production line when the order was made last year.

2. Suggest that the project can be compared with the previous production Bom.

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Circuit board process description:

Process technology: lead-free process

Double-sided patch on the board: first TOP surface (D1/D2/D3)

Reflow soldering setting: welding maximum temperature is 245-250 °CC, super 230 °C welding time control 40-60S.

Welding method:

1: The temperature of the soldering iron is controlled between 330 °C and 350 °C.

2: The connector cannot be welded, and the left and right are skewed and raised.

3: The tin point should be full and bright, and there should be no sharp edges, less tin, bubble holes and too much tin.

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