Pcb Board manufacturer Injector

Pcb Board manufacturer Injector

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China high quality oem electronic pcb circuit board assembly pcba manufacturer OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn high quality oem electronic pcb circuit board assembly pcba manufacturer production prototypes and samples...

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Pcb Board manufacturer Injector

About us:

Many of our customers work with us from initial ideas to design and manufacturing to final products, while others use only our manufacturing expertise. We have a team of experienced professional engineers. Our state-of-the-art facility produces more than 2 million PCB assemblies and small electronic devices per year. Working closely with our strategic partners, we can provide a variety of products, we are strict and strict in quality, and have won customer satisfaction.

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Injector's goods file:

Product Classification: PCBA

Product Name: GD30_DRIVER _V4.0

Pcb sheet information: 4-layer board, 2.0mm immersion gold process, via plug green oil, character white

Product production process: smt+dip+ packaging

Solder paste requirements: Ag0.3/Cu0.7/20-38uM

A/B surface mount: U48 U49 surface first paste D20, D21, D22, D23, D24, D3V3, D RX1 number 7 LED light reverse silk screen mounting

Dip welding method: hand soldering, soldering iron temperature 370-390 degrees, penetrating tin more than 50%


Terms of trade

1. Payment method: wire transfer in advance (welcome DBS remittance)

2. Production lead time 100PCS: 5-7 days, 500~1000PCS: 7-10 days, 15-20 days above 1000PCS.

3. Samples can be delivered within 3 days

4. According to your shipping method, ask for quotation shipping

5. Shipping Port: Shanghai, China

6. Provide more discounts based on the order quantity

7. Minimum order quantity: 1PCS

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