Pcb made electronic PCB Assembly

Pcb made electronic PCB Assembly

The appearance of Electronic PCB Assembly SMT technology fundamentally changed the traditional electronic assembly production form and became a new milestone of modern electronic assembly technology.

Product Details

Basic product info:

Manufacturing Process: Lead-Free Process

Board Inspection Requirements: General Standards Execute IPC-610E-2

Solder paste requirements: Ag3.0/Cu0.5/20-38uM

Whether single-sided mounting: single-sided stickers, BO version R1 tag is 0.165 ohm chip resistor (other SMT components are consistent with A0 version), etc. The feedback chip is more expensive, and the chip body is more fragile, Be careful not to scratch the other items

Welding requirements: hand soldering, soldering iron temperature 370 degrees, penetrating tin 50%, welding wire strictly in accordance with the operation. The heat shrinkable tube shall be installed in accordance with the position and size requirements of Figure 1. Customer feedback chip is more expensive, you must pay attention not to scratch with other items.


Test requirements for the board: Test method reference: test indication 600-0012TP REV01, the barcode must be posted as required after the test

Product packaging requirements: Packed in a separate anti-static bag (customer feedback chip is more expensive, can not be rubbed with the wire, easy to cause scratches and other defects in transportation). In addition, after the electrostatic bag is packaged, a layer of red anti-static foam should be wrapped outside, and 5 small bags of products are packed for each large piece of foam. The white box of cotton is used to protect the carton, and it has the effect of shockproof, anti-collision and anti-fall.


Product characteristics

This product is used in the industrial control industry. It has high-density assembly requirements, small size, light weight electronic products, cumbersome SMT components, and complicated manufacturing processes. In manufacturing engineering, special attention is paid to the performance of the chip.


  - The product has high reliability and vibration resistance: low solder joint defect rate.

  - Good high frequency characteristics: Reduce electromagnetic interference and RF interference.

  - Easy to automate and increase productivity: Electronic PCB assembly SMT costs are reduced by up to 30% to 50%. It saves materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc.

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