Pcb Circuit Board in china online

Pcb Circuit Board in china online

Pcb terminal block circuit board Terminal definition The terminal is made of copper alloy and processed by high speed continuous stamping die or single engineering die. Generally, the contact pair is composed of positive contact parts and negative contact parts, and the positive contact parts...

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Pcb Circuit Board in china online

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12 layers FR4, TG170, plate thickness 2.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, immersion gold, via plug

Product Attributes: Homemade Parts

Quantity: 500pcs

Baking: do, pcb baking for 8 hours

Special treatment: pay attention to the direction and inductance of the lamp.

Solder paste requirements: custom dry island solder paste SN99AG0.3CU0.7 (No. QD9308-Q11-4)

Inspection requirements: 1, X-RAY confirms the effect of the tin on the LED lamp, the thermal pad of the lamp must be more than 80% tin. 2, LED batch sampling rate should be above 3%, the sample is fully inspected.


Production model: 1a1206

Order Salesman: Della

Product use: car air conditioning

Manufacturing Process: Lead-Free Process

Project requirements: pcba one-stop

Project flow: SMT+DIP+burning+test+aging+packaging

SMT points: 350

DIP points: 13

Others: heat-dissipating gasket, aging, testing, LED lamp needs ultrasonic cleaning (the whole plate is immersed in the ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning the LED lamp | residual rosin) Change: 1. Change to low-active solder paste, after the surface of the board is baked No rosin residue. 2. Shield change


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