PCB fabrication automotive

PCB fabrication automotive

Automotive electronics board 1.the most advanced SMT machine (MYDATA&YAMAHA); 2.automatic reflow machine (Vitronics Soltec) 3.AOI machine: Aleader; 4.X-RAY machine; 5.100%AOI testing &inspection; 6.Certificates:ISO9001,TS16949 FR4, high frequency, alum, FPC, High TG FR4 HASL, OSP,...

Product Details

PCB fabrication automotive

Basic product info:

Product use: automotive electronic products

Unit of measure: 580pcs

Pcb board information: double sided FR4, board thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 10z, lead-free spray tin, green oil white, single piece size 55. 930.71M;

Smt points: 758

Dip points: 68

Price: 5523 US dollars

Inspection method: check the error and the reverse, the patch image IC U1 mirror full process, be careful not to get dirty

Delivery period: 7 days

Manufacturing process: lead-free soldering

Pure pcb, no logistics test

Solder paste requirements: lead-free solder paste N99AGO. 3cU0. 7


Product cooperation times: 3

Why customers choose us: 9 inspection procedures for product quality inspection

Product packaging requirements: anti-static bubble cotton

Transport packaging requirements: white pearl cotton (used inside the carton) - carton

PCB prototype

Our equipment

Pcba manufacturing equipment

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