Pcb assembly china automotive Controller pcb

Pcb assembly china automotive Controller pcb

Automotive Body controller pcb circuit board The important task of the body controller is to simplify the operation and reduce the manual operation of the occupants to avoid distracting the occupants. The car body control system includes car safety, comfort control and information communication...

Product Details

Pcb assembly china automotive Controller pcb

Basic product info:

Product Classification: PCBA

Circuit board use: car body control

Product code: 2C1702H0-PCBA

Order Quantity: 100pcs

Delivery time: 10 days

Pcb board information: 2L, FR4, 1.6MM, green oil white, 10z, lead-free spray tin

Material name: chip capacitor, chip resistor, patch transistor, chip fuse, chip IC, patch connector, patch connector, broadcast connector, red pearl slot box, carton


Process information for the product:

Process technology: other

Process flow: smt+dip+burning+test+packaging

Furnace experiment: All plastic molded patch materials are subjected to reflow soldering experiments. Ensure the temperature resistance of the connector;

Inspection requirements: General Standards implement IPC-610E-2

Welding method:

1: The temperature of the soldering iron is controlled between 330 ° CC and 350 ° C.

2: The LCD screen cannot be skewed;

Circuit board component cutting foot requirements: slab cutting, pay attention not to damage the PCB board, after cutting the foot, put a black electrical tape on the pin;

PCB prototype

The cleaning method of the circuit board: IC solder joints do not need to be cleaned, use cotton swabs, photos and other tools to remove the smooth beads tin slag; when cleaning other post-welding materials, be careful not to remove the cleaning agent to the IC, which will lead to IC Screen scrap

Board test: 1.PICKIT3 programmer burn, 2C1702GO test stand test

PCB (2)

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