Pcb Circuit Board Assembly

Pcb Circuit Board Assembly

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China 94v0 sex dolls pcb circuit board assembly manufacturer from china fastpcba OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn 94v0 sex dolls pcb circuit board assembly manufacturer from china fastpcba production prototypes and samples...

Product Details

94V0 Pcb Circuit Board Assembly

Product Classification: PCBA

Product Name: GD30_DRIVER_V2.0

Pcb industry application: body dryer

Pcb sheet information: 130*100MM/1PCS 4-layer board, 2.0mm, immersion gold technology, over-hole plug green oil, character white, copper thickness 1/1/1/1

Order Quantity: Sample 50pcs

Production cycle: 3 days

Our services include a full range of one-stop services such as pcb, pcb assembly, component procurement, shell molding, finished product packaging, certification testing, etc.

PCB prototype

Professional quality testing equipment and production equipment

Check all materials before going online: the quality of the material determines the life cycle and service life of the PCB. After strict inspection, all materials of FASTPCBA can be used in the factory.

High-precision quality inspection equipment can quickly identify the accuracy of board installation, ensure product quality and improve production efficiency.

PCB (2)

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Product Description:


We have passed ISO9001 quality management certification to ensure product management in the production environment and workshop;

Passed the ISO13485 medical device quality management certificate, we are more experienced in medical electronics production;

Passed the IATF16949 automotive system certification to provide high quality quality for automotive electronics products, making automotive electronics products more reliable and safer;

All products are ROHS lead-free certified and green safe.


Our cooperative client case:


We serve medium and high-end electronic products such as automotive, medical, industrial control, and surveillance security.

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