The role of X-ray equipment in PCB manufacturing

- Jan 07, 2019-

In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic technology, the diversification of technology products, the increasing demand for electronic PCB products, and the increasingly sophisticated and miniaturized packaging technology requirements for pcb products, this needs to be higher and higher. Quality circuit assembly equipment to ensure the quality requirements of the product.

In the pcb manufacturer, how to check the soldering quality of the board, how to ensure the quality of the product? In order to meet the requirements of board quality and innovative detection technology, a new generation of fully automatic X-RAY detection technology is one of the best for board quality inspection. It can not only detect invisible solder joints such as BGA on the board, but also qualitatively and quantitatively analyze the test results to detect faults as early as possible.


The following is the detection of X-ray equipment:

(1) Ability to inspect defects in the board IC package, such as peeling, bursting, void and threading integrity of the layer IC, etc.

(2) Potential defects in the PCB manufacturing process, such as poor component alignment, solder joint bridging and component cracking;

(3) Detection and measurement of solder joint gaps on the pads in PCB assembly;

(4) Check for short-circuit or abnormal connection defects that may occur on various connecting lines on the board;

(5) Check the integrity of the solder balls in the circuit board array package and the chip package package;

(6) Inspection of solder joints of metal materials;

(7) Chip size measurement, line arc measurement, component tin area ratio measurement.

X-ray equipment has many uses, and it has some monitoring of the board's quality requirements in the circuit board factory. Therefore, choose the pcb manufacturer, the first choice is to know if there is inspection equipment.

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