World Top 500: Germany Bosch Comes To Visit The Factory Successfully To End

- Apr 20, 2018-

Bosch is one of Germany's industrial enterprises, engaged in automobile and intelligent transportation technology, industrial technology, consumer goods and energy and construction technology industries.When Mr. Robert Bosch, 25, started his company in Stuttgart in 1886, he positioned the company as a "factory for precision machinery and electrical engineering".

Bosch, based in Stuttgart, southern Germany, employs more than 230,000 people over the world beyond 50 countries.Bosch is known as its innovative products and system solutions.

Yes, Robert Bosch, one of Germany's biggest industrial companies!!


Factory-examining communication

On April 19, shenzhen FASTPCBA welcomed the German Robert Bosch factory audit.The purpose of this visit is to understand the intelligent equipment suppliers in depth.JFASTPCBA general manager Mr. Yu, international department manager Della FASTPCBA lead engineering team made full preparation, accompanied him, respectively from the product research and development ability, warehouse management, procurement, quality control, production, operation and management are presented and solutions on site.



Exchange of experience

In the afternoon, the client entered our company's standardized production workshop for on-site inspection and assessment.In addition, I inquired about the operation situation of multiple machine equipment in the workshop, and the production management process, and asked how to maintain and update, whether there are full-time personnel to manage and so on.Our colleagues in the production department gave a detailed reply.The client was satisfied.


In the process of on-site visit, the client and the client have made a focus on the 5S management, quality control and production control of our company's standardized production workshop, and they are all very satisfied.After the visit, the customer has made relevant summary with our general manager and the business manager. The client said that the process management of the company's electronic standardized production workshop is orderly and meticulous.They believe that the subsequent orders are assured by our company.


After that, the client made some very good comments, Suggestions and requirements on some details.Our company will actively follow up these good Suggestions, carry on the improvement and feedback the results to the customers.After the completion of the review, Bosch gave a positive evaluation.It is believed that jingbang electronics is in line with their requirements for suppliers and is in line with Bosch's requirements for suppliers in terms of scale and management, leading in the processing industry of intelligent equipment.The two sides discussed the follow-up cooperation projects of intelligent equipment and automobile electronics.


Next week, we will return to the German headquarters to give feedback on the evaluation and evaluation of the mainland suppliers, and to enhance the next cooperation.

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