What Will PCB's Be Raising Up For?

- Oct 15, 2016-

In 2019, as the cost of copper foil (CCL) and fiberglass increased, PCB demand increased as the demand for PCBs continued to increase over the past six months. Therefore, material and labor costs will increase during the PCB manufacturing process.

The development of surface pcb assembly technology has been more than 30 years since the wide application of color TV tuner as a starting point. However, its development is still changing with each passing day. Every six months, we will see new materials, New packaging or new processes have emerged. The progress of technology is far faster than the pace of solving problems. The old problems have not been completely solved. The new problems have emerged and the challenges are constantly. This is the charm of surface assembly technology and a feature of the rising cost of pcb.

At the same time as the cost rises, however, our quality has also changed. As electronic products become more and more advanced, we need to introduce higher-precision production equipment to make the quality of pcb better, and try to achieve a proportional proportion of quality and cost.

Yes, we are one of the largest PCB manufacturers in China and a global leader. Our printed circuit products are widely used in automated equipment, medical health equipment, advanced military products, industrial and automotive electronics.

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