What Will PCB's Be Raising Up For?

- Oct 15, 2016 -


With the cost raising up for the copper foil (CCL) &glass fiber, while the increasing demand of the PCB in the past half year, PCB cost will then be increased accordingly.


Other relative news related to PCB:

Top 1: Original Supplier TI mode changed!

Top 2: Supplier chain, price raise up, out of stock!

Top 3: large-scale layoffs after Integration (Microchip bought Micrel &Atmel in last Aug &this Jan. Individually)


With stable &long-term supplier chain, can both keep the quality, avoid customers compliant, and earn good reputation among the industry.


More tips:

** We are one of the largest PCB manufacturers in China, and has a leading position globally. Our Printed Circuit products are widely used in automatic devices, Led lighting, advanced IT technology, industry and medical electronics.

** Important notice: We hereby would like to inform all you valued customers, our PCB (printed circuit board) cost to be increased according, to make sure our high-end quality, effective since Oct. 1st, 2016. So regardless of new or repeat orders, prices should be confirmed.

Any inquiries, please feel free to send to us, we are happy to offer you a quotation anytime.

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