What Is The Requirement Of Printed Circuit Board To PCB Board?

- Dec 25, 2018-

Printed circuit board (PCB) is one of the most popular technologies and processes in the electronic industry.So what are the requirements for PCB board in printed circuit board?FASTPCBA will learn about it next.

Printed circuit board

I. PCB size and deformation of printed circuit board:

PCB width (including edge) should be greater than 50mm;

PCB length (including edge) shall be greater than 50mm;

Edge width: >5mm;

Spacing of panels: <8mm;

Distance between PAD and plate edge: >5mm;

Upward bending degree: <1.2mm;

Downward bending degree: <0.5mm;

PCB distortion: maximum deformation height divided by diagonal length <0.25

Ii. Requirements of printed circuit board for Mark on PCB board:

Mark's shape: standard circle, square, triangle;

The size of Mark;0.8 ~ 1.5 mm;

Mark's material: gold plated, tin plated, copper platinum;

Mark's surface requirements: the surface is flat, smooth, no oxidation, no dirt;

Mark's surrounding requirements: there should be no green oil or other obstacles within 1mm of the surrounding area, which is obviously different from Mark's color;

Mark's position: more than 3mm away from the edge of the plate, no Mark's passing holes or test points can be found within 5mm of the surrounding area;

In order to avoid the wrong direction of the board in production, the position difference between Mark on the left and right sides of PCB and the edge of the board should be more than 10mm.


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