What Is The Real Reason Of Influencing Virtual Welding Of PCB

- Feb 13, 2019-

Virtual welding (spurious welding), the solder and the soldered component lead can not really form an alloy layer, only contact or incomplete contact, known as virtual welding.Virtual welding is the most common defect in welding work, and it is also the most difficult to check out the welding defects.

Reason: the solder just directly contacts the solder tip and melts. The solder pile is attached to the welding surface. The solder leads are oxidized seriously or have pollutants, and the solder flux is insufficient or of poor quality.

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Hazards: the connection strength between solder joints is relatively low, and the circuit may fail or break on and off.Virtual welding, sometimes a little pull, the lead did not come out, also not activity.In this case, the initial conduction also seems to be a qualified product, but after a few months, a few years here will open up the phenomenon.

Solution: soldered components lead tin beforehand;Tin plating or brazing agent on the soldering pad of printed circuit board;Master the welding temperature and time.

In order to enable customers to have a deeper understanding of this problem, the FASTPCBA technician specially communicated with the senior engineer of China PCB board factory.

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