What Is The Invisible Killer For The PCB Industry? -ESD

- Oct 16, 2017-

ESD (Electro Static Discharge), is the invisible killer for integrated circuit industry (PCB/ PCBA fields), it may made the circuit board scrap slightly, while may lead to fire hazard, factory explosion without enough attention.

Firstly, the primary hazard to printed circuit boards is dust adsorbation and seriously pollution.

Secondly, the ESD causes damage to electronic components, thus bring the lost to the manufacturers.

Thirdly, it will emit a lot of radio waves, which can cause a great disturbance to the microprocessors surrounding and affect the production process.

In short, since ESD existing everywhere. Proper protection to be taken for the electronic products to eliminate a major security risk RIGHT AWAY.


FastPCBA, as a reliable and responsible manufacturer, we hereby show you one of our ESD protection detection entrance guard to ensure how much we are paying attention to our products and customers:

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