PCB circuit board manufacturing

- May 06, 2017-

Today we’re going back to basics. We feel that it’s essential to understand the PCB, especially if you’re outside the industry. What is the printed circuit board, or PCB? Very simply put – it is a board that connects electronic components. PCBs use conductive tracks, pads and other similar features etched from copper sheets and laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. Capacitors, resistors and other components are soldered onto the PCB where appropriate. PCBs successfully fulfilled a need for an electronic device that could fit components within the smallest amount of space possible. There’s much more to it than that however, the PCB is an extremely versatile and essential part of everyday life.

The following is a sample of our company:




We are PCBA prototyping, pcb assembly, circuit board testing, component procurement, and one-stop processing supplier for labor and materials.

We have ISO9001/ISO13485/IATF16949 international automotive medical management system certification, 9 testing procedures to ensure our product qualification rate of 99.98%, the fastest logistics delivery, save more production cycle, perfect maintenance and after-sales service.

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