What Cases Will Be Charged Of Extra Cost?

- Sep 21, 2019-

Additional cost of PCB

1. If you have more than one design in your file, it will incur additional charges.

2. The cost of V-cutting on small-size boards

PCB assembly extra cost

1.SMT's engineering cost returning to the point of 600,000 points is not charged, and 80% of the first engineering cost is not added plus the unit price. The steel net is only used for the first time to collect the subsequent pads and can be reused (the period is 1). year).

Project costs:

New order: 50 points or less (1000-1200 yuan / section),

51-200 points (1200-2000 yuan / section),

201-299 points (2100-2500 yuan / section),

300-500 points (2600-3500 yuan / section),

501-699 points (3600-4500 yuan / section),

700-1000 points (4600-6000 yuan / section)

More than 1000 points (6500-10000 yuan according to the difficulty)

Minimum charge: 1,500 yuan / section (excluding steel mesh)

2.PCB engineering costs and test racks are only charged once, if the information is unchanged, there is no need to collect, PCB according to the customer to provide information quotation: no blind buried holes, no impedance and other normal process quotation, the component quotes do not contain specifications and models are unknown Component price.

Other Cost

If the cost increases (in case of labor wages, accessories, etc.), our company has the right to make reasonable adjustments to the above quotation and to inform the customer one month in advance in written form;

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