What Are The Technological Processes Of Surface Mount Technology?

- Mar 05, 2021-

What are the technological processes of surface mount technology?
PCB assembly (surface mount technology) is currently one of the most important technologies used in electronic products. Its appearance and application have promoted the development of the entire electronics industry, but the PCB assembly process is relatively complicated, and it is necessary to complete the electronic components perfectly. Surface mount work needs to be done strictly in accordance with process standards. So what are the technological processes for surface mounting of electronic components?

One, printing and dispensing
Printing and dispensing is to print the patch on the soldering pad of the PCB to prepare for the soldering of electronic components. Generally, the equipment used for surface mounting of electronic components is a solder paste printer located on the front line of SMT. After printing, a glue dispensing step is required, which is to drop glue directly on the fixed position of the PCB, and then directly fix the component on it, which can increase the use time limit of the component. The most commonly used components on the market now use manual dispensing.

Two, curing and reflow soldering
curing is the most critical step in PCB assembly. Its function is to accurately fix the components on the PCB board, so that the components and the PCB board can be more perfectly combined. The reflow soldering is a highly technical step in surface mount technology. Generally, those who can perform this step are more experienced technicians in the industry.

Three, cleaning and testing
The two steps of cleaning and testing can be said to be the last two steps in the surface mounting process of electronic components. We all know that cleaning is to clean the useless things remaining on the PCB, and the cleaning process also needs to be careful, such as You can check which positions have not been fixed, which is also a disguised inspection method. The inspection needs to be more refined, such as holding a magnifying environment or a testing instrument for testing. This can be said to be the most important step in SMT patch processing. It can directly relate to whether the PCB board can operate normally. of.
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