What Are The Safety Measures For PCB Welding?

- May 07, 2019-

Since the concentration of the chemical at 20-30 cm from the soldering iron tip is much smaller than the recommended value, the correct operating posture should be maintained during soldering. The tip of the soldering iron tip should be at least 20 cm away from the nose of the operator. To straighten your waist, sit on your chest and don't bend.


When the PCB board is soldered by an automatic welding machine, a large amount of smoke is generated by the welder machine to blanket the room. At this time, you can open the ventilation device before starting the operation.


Aluminum hardly evaporates, but since the solder wire is pinched with the thumb and forefinger during operation, the fine powder of the solder adheres to the fingertips, so it is necessary to develop the habit of washing hands before meals.


The welding position

There must be no spattered solder on the work surface and the surrounding ground to prevent the solder from adhering to the body or clothing. Clean at least once a day to be able to perform PCB welding in a clean environment.


Because there are many fluxes or solvents during soldering, and the soldering iron that is passed is prevented from being on the workbench, from the perspective of fire prevention, it must be equipped with an electric iron frame, and the soldering iron should be placed neatly and orderly.

To sum up, the safety measures for welding have the following points:

(1) Maintain correct operating posture

(2) Wash hands before meals

(3) Wear protective glasses

(4) Maintain a good operating environment

(5) Wear anti-static bracelet and gloves


The above are safety measures to be taken when performing PCB soldering.

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