What Are The Requirements Of PCB Schematic Design?

- Apr 11, 2019-

Schematic design is the beginning of PCB design. It defines the electrical connection on the PCB board and gives the packaging information of the PCB. The work of schematic design will directly affect the next step.The design requirements of the schematic diagram are as below.


(1) Accuracy: the schematic diagram must have an accurate electrical connection, or it will cause errors in the following work. The schematic diagram error, incorrect electrical connection, incorrect component packaging or no packaging can not design printed board successfully.

(2) Hierarchy: accuracy is not the only requirement when designing hierarchical schematics.Need to master the level of design, according to the circuit requirements to choose the design method.

(3) Aesthetics: the layout of a single schematic sheet should be reasonable, clear and easy to read.In addition, the schematic diagram should have appropriate notes to facilitate the designer's reading of the schematic diagram.

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