What Are The Criteria For Determining PCB Manufacturers?

- Aug 23, 2019-

The electronics industry is a high-tech industry and an industry that requires high investment and continuous investment. For the research and development subject, the research and development of a product is bound to be a painstaking process. The continuous investment of funds, the sleepless sleep of the researchers,gambling the success of the research and development of the products, any tiny mistakes will lead to failure, countless investments will play no role. The final implementation of the product, and in what state, is the best standard for verifying the initial investment.


Back to the core point of pcb manufacturing, especially the OEM processing factory is a medium to realize the customer's ideas, the customer provides the information, we do the whole process of PCB manufacturing, component acquisition, SMT, assembly testing, can It is the most comprehensive and general concept to make the customer's ideas, data and drawings in an optimal state. So as a manufacturer, we hope to take this opportunity to share with you some of the advantages and disadvantages of pcb manufacturers. I hope to help you!


1. Team: This team includes business, procurement, engineering, quality, warehouse, after-sales, the strength and ability of the team can not be reflected on the surface, but we can intuitively understand through some data, whether a company pay attention to quality. The configuration of the quality inspectors is sufficient or not, and the engineering team can be used as a reference whether the configuration is complete or not.


2. Equipment: As the saying goes: "do not take over precision work without advanced tools ", equipment is the most important link in the production of circuit board printing, equipment capacity, precision, efficiency is directly related to the production accuracy and quality of the product.


3, Management: delivery is also a part of everyone's concern, whether a company's management department is scientific, directly related to the product's qualified rate, which is directly related to the delivery of the product. The coordination between the pre-production department and the production department often tests the management of a company. The scientific management is not only beneficial to the delivery of products, but also the top priority of the company's survival and development.


4. Quality Control: the process of quality control not only requires the company to be responsible for the customer's products, but also a corrective process for the mistakes made by itself. This link requires huge cost. Someone once said this: "The quality control department is a department that finds defect." There are problems in the production of the products, whether the company is willing to spend time and money to repair, to "find themselves problem." Quality control is the conscience of a factory.


5. The details: the electronic processing industry itself is a highly refined industry, the strength of detail control is directly related to the quality of the product, anyone deal in PCB manufacturing knows static invisible damage to the components is very large, instantaneous static electricity can reach several KV or even tens of thousands of volts, invisible electrostatic damage is a huge hidden danger to the late stability of the product. Whether the static control of a pcb manufacturing plant is insufficient, and whether the static elimination of the production staff is completely , which is directly related to the performance of the product. Of course, the details of the PCB board manufacturing control is not only a section of static electricity, but also solder paste storage, production process traceability and so on.


6. Service: The quality of service is not only the service to the product process, but also the ability to solve the problem for the customer actively in the after-sales phase. The after-sales of electronic products is definitely a focus that needs attention.


Based on the above points and field visits, I believe that there is no problem in choosing a supplier that is satisfactory to you.

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