What are the factors that affect the price of PCB?

- Jan 04, 2017-

There are many factors that affect the manufacturing price of the board. The manufacturing prices set by different manufacturers are also different, but the quality is good and the price is very big. Next, what is the cause of the manufacturing price of the board by FASTPCBA?

1. PCB manufacturing is an OEM product. Most of the customers need to provide the schematic and component list of the pcb board. The products manufactured by the factory are different. The requirements for different customer customization are different and the prices are different.

2. The product industry is different. The cost of medical and automotive electronics is slightly higher than that of civilian household electronic products. On the other hand, some customers may also specify the manufacturer's substrate or printing ink for the quality of electronic products. Etc., in order to meet the requirements of quality and cost control, so the PCB processing price is unstable.

pcb assembly manufacturer

3. The diversity of PCB boards in different material prices, the price of different boards is not the same, rigid circuit boards and flexible, aluminum substrates, ceramic plates, etc. Prices are different.

4. PCB design difficulty and process requirements are complicated and may lead to different prices for different product processes.

5. Different payment methods, monthly and weekly, number of orders, number of cooperation, etc.

6. Of course, the cost of components is also different, the price of different brands of ic and led lights also have obvious differences.

The above is the FASTPCBA finishing factors affecting the manufacturing price of the board. If you need PCB and PCBA, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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