Welcome Canadian customers to audit our company

- Dec 28, 2016-

On December 26 at 2 PM, 2016, Canadian customers Syed Jamal and their company's youngest engineers Sayed Haque came to visit our company. The purpose of their visit to China is mainly to find a long-term partners to provide copy board services, if the successful follow-up copy board will have a large number of production. 


In the process of communication, he learned that the main product of Mr. Jamal was used to provide the accurate position of the Muslim prayer and record the number of prayer, Mr. Jamal stressed that this is his own idea, if the design will be OK, a lot of people will buy his products, and will begin to produce the number of 20K, which for us may be a good news. Mr. Jamaal said that FASTPCBA 's corporate culture and service attitude is very satisfied, and said that when he went back to us he will immediately send a model to facilitate our research design. Finally when leaving, Mr. Jamal said that they are looking forward to our good news and believed that we could give them a perfect answer.   

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