Specification for steel mesh openings

- Aug 24, 2018-

1. The pcb assembly workshop shall be in accordance with the steel mesh thickness and hole opening standards to ensure the effective deposition of solder paste and red glue in the designated position, so as to provide effective guarantee for welding and improve the overall welding quality level.

2. The scope of application is applicable to the design, production and acceptance of all steel mesh of the company.

3, special definition: stencil: also known as template, is used in pcb board printing process, used to do printing solder paste or adhesive plate mold.Supply board: printed circuit board designed by our company.The printed circuit board provided by our company, including Gerber file and printed circuit board, shall be explained to the stencil manufacturer when making stencil.

4. Responsibilities: steel mesh development personnel compile "steel mesh production requirements", upload PDM, and then the procurement department will send the steel mesh production requirements and PCB documents to the supplier for processing. 

SMT workshop

Stencil materials and fabrication materials:

1)Screen frame material:

Steel mesh frame material can choose hollow aluminum frame, generally used screen frame has the following: 29X29inch 23X23inch 650X550mm 550X500mm.

2)Steel sheet material:

The steel sheet material is stainless steel plate, whose thickness is 0.1-0.3mm.5.3 steel wire mesh for netting

Steel wire mesh material is stainless steel wire, the number should not be less than 100 mesh, its minimum yield tension should not be less than 45N.


On the front of the steel mesh, in the steel and wire mesh joint parts and wire mesh and mesh frame joint parts, must be filled with enough strength of glue.The glue used does not react with the solvent used to clean the stencil.

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