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- May 18, 2017-

Wanna Cry (also called as Wanna Decryptor), is a kinds of extortion virus software, with 3.3MB heavy, spreading illegality by use of NSA (National Security Agency, National Security Agency), leaking those dangerous loopholes "EternalBlue" (eternal Of the blue).

So far at present, the security industry has NOT yet effectively get rid of the malicious software encryption problems. Brad Smith, the president and CEO of Microsoft said that, the US National Security Agency did not disclose more security vulnerabilities, this brings more chances to the crimes, and ultimately brought this attack to 150 countries. 

Since almost all suffix files were involved, and so far we have no definitely solutions. FastPCBA, a responsible PCBA manufacturer here, would like to reminder of you that be more conscious to handle your business:

First, make full copy of your files, at least those important files to avoid any lost. Secondly, please follow the steps based on Windows system, or XP system, making full use of the firewall. Remember that Windows carries different step as XP system, for details, refer to website.

Thirdly, please try to declare this in public, by say in your website, to try to minimize your relative customers’ and partners’ risks.

Moreover, please anti-virus regularly especially for those internet PCs. And surfing from internet, please be carefully for those insert files, some may carry virus.

Last but not least, please be noted that our FastPCBA will only contact you through our enterprise mails, @pcb-smt.net, we are not responsible for any other lost caused by personal mails.

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