Green PCB

- Aug 30, 2018-

The gap with developed countries

After nearly half a century of hard work, China's printed circuit industry has become an indispensable basis and guarantee in China's electronic information industry, and its output value has ranked second in the world.In 2004, China's total output value of PCB reached us $8.15 billion, and its total import and export value was us $8.9 billion.It is not expected to be for long.

China is a large country in the production of electronic circuits and PCB.


Environmental protection

In the early years, PCB was a high-tech industry. Most foreign companies controlled the output of technology, which once restricted the development and growth of the PCB industry.

China and India are among the world's most polluted countries, according to Time magazine.To protect the environment, the Chinese government has been strictly formulating and implementing regulations on pollution control, which have affected the PCB industry.Many towns are no longer allowed to expand and build new PCB manufacturing.

However, the development of our PCB enterprises is now limited by local restrictions.Because unknowingly, the PCB industry has developed into what the government regards as a big polluter, a big energy consumer and a big water user.In a day of high environmental and sustainable development, once you put on a hat like this, the PCB industry is really going to get hit.In fact, are we big polluters, big energy consumers, big water users?

circuit board

Of course not!Our PCB company is low energy consumption and low pollution.We can according to the following data to contrast: from the perspective of environmental protection, through the industry enterprise effluent pollution index to compare, it can be seen that: (1) PCB enterprise pollutant is relatively concentrated, mainly COD and heavy metal pollution, no cyanogen/CD/cr and other toxic emissions, and no carcinogenic, teratogenic and three to material discharge caused by gene mutations.

The main component of heavy metal pollution, copper ions, can be easily removed by conventional treatment, so the PCB is not afraid of contamination.


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