What is a printed circuit board Proofing

- Aug 29, 2018-

PCB is called printed circuit board or printed circuit board. Printed circuit board is an important electronic component that supports electronic components.It is the provider of electrical connection for electronic components.It is called "printed" circuit board because it is made by electronic printing.

PCB proofing refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before mass production.After completion of PCB Layout, the process of small batch trial production to the factory is PCB proofing.However, the production quantity of PCB proofing usually has no specific boundary. Generally, engineers call it PCB proofing before the product design is confirmed and tested.

In the PCB board process, after the system layout is completed, the PCB diagram should be reviewed to see whether the system layout is reasonable and whether the optimal effect can be achieved.The following aspects can usually be examined:

1. Whether the system layout ensures reasonable or optimal wiring, whether it can guarantee the reliable operation of wiring, and whether it can guarantee the reliability of circuit operation.The layout requires an overall understanding and planning of the direction of the signal as well as the power and ground network.

2. Whether the size of the printed board is consistent with the size of the processed drawing, whether it conforms to the PCB manufacturing process requirements, and whether there is any behavior mark.This requires special attention. The circuit layout and wiring of many PCB boards are well designed and reasonable, but the precise positioning of the positioning connector is neglected, so the circuit designed cannot be connected with other circuits.

3. There is no conflict between components in two-dimensional or three-dimensional space.Pay attention to the actual size of the device, especially the height of the device.The height of the elements in the welding free layout generally cannot exceed 3mm.

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