When the price of Lithium copper rises, will the cost of PCB increase?

- Apr 25, 2017-

As the lithium copper price keeping all the way up make the market into the boom cycle.With the outbreak of the new energy automotive market, lithium copper foil as a power lithium battery indispensable raw materials, rising demand, prices keep all the way up Lithium copper prices all the way up the market into the boom cycle since 2016.

PCB OEM manufacturer

According to industry statistics, 2016 lithium copper production capacity about 49,000 tons, the market was in short supply. At present, lithium copper enterprises are basically full production, the new capacity construction period will need about 1.5 years to 2 years, according to the major enterprises put into operation plan of  the current industry company ,  the new production capacity will be  release at the end of the year, the  new incremental scale is not so big in 2017.

We all know the lithium cooper price will have influence on the pcb price, so understand this situation, how to keep the pcb price same as before or just have no a sudden rise? In our company, we try to save some basic cost to ensure our clients benefit.But if the price always have a rise up, we do think our customer can understand the price rise.

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