The Points We Need Note During The Repair Time

- Jun 06, 2017-

Almost every factory will found defective products in the PCB production process, this situation can not be avoided, so our group need  to know how to short down the ratio and how to repair, and know which points we should to pay attention.

For PCB processing some of the maintenance techniques, we FASTPCBA think we need to understand the following points:   

  1. Example of maintenance  

   2. The general steps of PCB maintenance and analysis of different test results  

   3. Use short-circuit trackers to find circuit board short-circuit faults   

   4. Bus contention issues  

   5. Output load connected to the capacitor   

   6. Functional learning / comparison errors   

   7. Counting devices produce timing errors   

   8. Trigger produces one of the timing errors   

   9. Trigger the timing of the wrong two   

   10. The device is not fully testedIn this way we can increase the ratio of the success and make our clients satisfaction.FASTPCBA as a professional PCB OEM manufacturer with one-stop service from China. We are engaged in pcb manufacturing,providing assembly and components sourcing.

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