The Future Is Expected, The 5G Era Is Promising

- Apr 11, 2020-

Now, with the proposition of the concept of "new infrastructure", the development of the 5G with the intelligent and intelligent horn is flourishing. As one of the next important strategies to support China's social and economic management digitalization and intelligent technology transformation, vigorously promote the development and commercialization of 5G, which can not only solve the problems and demands faced by Chinese enterprises regarding epidemic prevention and control, resumption of production, etc. It can also inject new momentum into China's market economy in terms of promoting consumption, stabilizing investment, and maintaining growth. On this basis, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued a notice on March 24, "About accelerating the development of 5G", which officially regarded as the "Sprint" for the development of 5G.


Since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the first batch of national commercial licenses in June 2019, China's 5G development has officially entered the era of commercial networks. After more than half a year of development, with the joint efforts of all parties, China ’s 5G has initially achieved pioneering results, and it basically has a good development foundation, but it is still far from comprehensive business. In this context, our country in 2020 is regarded as a key year for 5G business breakthroughs, as well as a year full of opportunities and challenges!

FASTPCBA is a SMT chip processing manufacturer mainly providing customers with one-stop PCBA manufacturing custom services. Since the industrialization of 5G, we have been working with customers in medical electronics, automotive electronics, smart home, industrial control and other industries We will focus on both industrial development and consumer market applications. Industrial applications are mainly concentrated on "health care, industrial Internet and automotive networks", while consumer applications are mainly concentrated on 5G services including entertainment, sports, shopping and so on. As a terminal manufacturer, we provide PCBA processing services for related companies and industries in the fields of artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and smart medical care.

The concentrated release of online demand during the epidemic has also opened the key to the development of new infrastructure, similar to intelligent accompanying robots and artificial intelligence, etc. are all ready to go, ready to be put on the front line of anti-epidemic.

Based on this, we can think that the future development of the new infrastructure may drive and form a trillion-level 5G-related technology products and serve the social market. In 2025, 5G will promote the emerging consumer business by more than 8 trillion yuan; the total investment in 5G network construction will reach 1.20 trillion yuan, driving the accumulation of related investment of more than 3.5 trillion yuan; 5G will directly create more than 3 million jobs. In short: "The prospect of 5G development is immeasurable, and the company's efforts are at the right time!"

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