In 2017, the amount of automotive PCB board exceeded $1 billion

- Jan 19, 2017-

Nowadays, Automobile printed circuit board (PCB) has repaidly been increasing, this is to satisfy safety, convenient, comfortable, and entertainment variously demands. According to a survey report,

the world car printed circuit board market, with an average annual of 7.1% growth during 2013 to 2015, and estimated that the value for the printed circuit board will be increased from $5.264

billion in 2016 to $5.638 billion this year, while enlarged to $6.27 billion in 2019 individually.

Thailand, as an important production base of automobile, both home and abroad companies are planning to invest relative production for printed circuit boards there. Therefore, their automobile printed circuit company is now become one of the top five suppliers. Obviously, the engaged in the R&D and production of printed circuit board for Thailand companies can bring significant business opportunities for us.

Yes, Thailand and automobile will be our major markets for our FastPCBA without any doubt, as we have been focusing on high-end automotive, industrial control, telecommunications, medical PCB and PCBA, we’ll show you this during our cooperating with you whatever from our most advanced machines, professional engineer team, strict quality control systems, or tight supply chains.

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