Technical Essentials For PCB Manufacturing

- Jun 19, 2019-

The technical essentials of PCB manufacturing, as the name suggests, refer to the key points of craft technology or technical methods and requirements. Mastering these key points is tantamount to grasping the “soul” of craft technology. When encountering ever-changing defective soldering phenomena, pcb manufacturers can analyze and solve them in the right direction.

For example, if you do not understand the two microscopic physical processes of “two times collapses” and “deformation” when BGA soldering of PCB boards, it is difficult to understand the significance of BGA solder peak temperature and soldering time. For another example, if you do not understand that lead solder paste welding and lead-free BGA will change the melting point of the solder joint and the characteristics of the components, it is difficult to understand the complexity of the mixing craft. Therefore, it is very important to master the manufacturing essentials of pcb when learning craft knowledge. It is the basis for analyzing and solving difficult SMT craft problems.


Surface mount assembly and welding technology (smt) is a relatively complex and evolving welding technology. From previous lead-based crafts to lead-free crafts, from large welding pad soldering to micro-welding pad soldering, pcb manufacturing challenges continue, but its basic principle has not changed. Mastered the technical essentials of pcb manufacturing, engineering knowledge, common generation mechanism and disposal countermeasures of defective soldering phenomenon, making SMT welding technology more mature and stable, and it is of great practical significance to establish an effective quality control system and quickly solve the problem of pcb production craft problems.

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