Successfully PASTPCBA Staff Representative Election Meeting Was Held

- Apr 01, 2019-

The first session of PASTPCBA(a professional PCBA factory)staff representative election meeting was held successfully on Beijing time March 30, 2019.The meeting is aim to ensure efficient negotiation between staffs and management level and their suggestions and disagreements can be adopted and solved.The conference is open and free to all members by secret ballot,they have the right to vote and stand for election. The top 3 outstanding employees will be the PCB staff representatives.

The basic condition for this staff representative election are as follows

1.Abide by the rules and regulations of the company and the laws and regulations of the state;

2.Care about enterprise’s production and development,love collectivity and their own job

3.Progressive in thinking, democratic in style, fair in handling affairs, offer service to employees enthusiastically

4.Make an example who can publicize company’s policies and guidelines to employees

Ways to select staff representative

  1. Each department shall recommend the outstanding staff of the department and nominate to the clerk's. After democratic election, the employee who gets the most votes can serve as the staff representative with his/her consent.

  2. PCBA factory

2.The staff representatives shall be composed of one committee and two vice committees,the term of office shall be one year and they shall be re-elected upon expiration.

3.Distribution of staff representatives: one between DIP production and DIP test department;and one among SMT production departmentmaintenance linepackaging department and production department;the other is among quality departmentprocess engineering and warehouse.

After the candidates' passionate speech, and to everyone's commitment, in the following is intense scene vote, every employee representatives to vote solemnly for the best candidate in his mind, fusion in a democracy, harmony, unity, progressive atmosphere to the climax, after a tense competition, eventually ShuXiaoqiang was elected as committee Wang wei, and Yanguangyu was elected as vice committee.

All election tasks end up perfectly due to mutual efforts and support of whole leaders and staff representatives for almost one month busy preparation.It was deliberated and adopted to job recognition and election results by FASTPCBA.

All the time, FASTPCBA has been shouldering the core mission of "craftsmanship manufacturing, leading the industry, achievement of customers, achievement of employees", while seeking development, we pay more attention to the improvement of employees, it’s our unswerving goal to strive to build a platform for employees training themselves .



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