Steel Mesh Production Specifications

- Oct 08, 2019-

Please confirm our order and specifically reconfirm that the stencils would be manufactured based on below specifications:

1- The thickness of stencil material is 0.12mm. The tolerance of stencil thickness is +/-5%.

2- The tolerance of stencil against gerber file is at +/-10 micron on opening and is at +/-0.0001 on expanding/shrinking.

3- The stencil is milled by laser.

4- The tension of stencil is 35 NT/square cm. (NT = Newton)

5- Stencil would be without frame and should exactly comply with the attached drawing (Schablone_S20.pdf) as it would be used with S20 stencil printer made by Mechatronic and the dimensions of Available area for the PCB are 445 * 525 mm as indicated in the same drawing.

Stencil would be without frame

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