Problem spots and improvement methods in wave soldering operation

- Oct 16, 2018-

If the temperature of the tin tank is insufficient, the soldering time is too short. It can be improved by raising the temperature of the tin tank and lengthening the soldering time, so that the surplus tin can be returned to the tin tank for improvement.

The Angle of cooling air flow after the wave crest is wrong, and it is not allowed to blow in the direction of the tin groove, which will cause the tin point to be rapid. The excess solder cannot be pulled back to the tin groove by gravity and cohesive force.

Solder tips are generated during manual welding, usually because the temperature of solder is too low. If solder temperature is insufficient, solder joints cannot be formed immediately due to the shrinkage of cohesive force.

SOLDER WEBBING left on SOLDER resistant green paint:

The base plate production residues have some with flux can't compatible materials, overheating in the after ð « — such produce soldering tin wire formed of sticky stick together, usable acetone (* chemical solvent has been disable the Montreal convention), and chlorinated solvents such as alkene to clean, if still can't improve after cleaning, has the possibility of CURING substrate layer material is not correct, should be timely feedback substrate for this accident

Incorrect substrate CURING can cause this phenomenon, two hours before plug-in first bake 120 ℃, the project accident should be timely feedback substrate suppliers.

The tin residue is pumped into the tin groove and spouted out again, resulting in the base plate surface stained with the tin residue. This problem is relatively simple and good maintenance of the tin furnace, and the correct height of the tin surface of the tin groove (normal condition is that the tin surface is 10mm high from the edge of the tin groove when there is no spray static).

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