SMT Assembly System Quotation Rules

- Sep 23, 2019-

SMT assembly system quotation rules

Processing Content

Unit Price



SMT Components



Refers to the chip resistance capacitance 0402, 0603, 0805 packaged devices, calculated by one point, 0201 package one piece folded 3 points

SMT Components



Refers to the chip 1206 package, two, three transistors, tantalum capacitor * 2 times

SMT integrated  IC 



Refer to all the ICs position, below 25 pins, 2 pcs pins count for one point, and above 25 pins, four feet count for one point

BGA Components



a, Below 100 pins, 4 pins count for 1 point, the unit price is less than RMB 2 , calculated at 2 RMB / piece;

b. Above 100 pins, 4 pins count for 1 point. he unit price is less than RMB 3, calculated at RMB 3 /piece. If it exceeds, it’s subject to the actual unit price.


Components Post-Welding



Refers to components that cannot be wave soldered and need to be soldered by hand.

Components  Plugin



Designated hole and number of components with a number of more than 100,000 points for wave soldering

Plug-in special components



Refers to the position of the transformer on the pcb board, based on the power and process of the transformer, 0.3-0.8 yuan / piece calculation

Testing, assembly



Refers to the test board, test, assembly, special packaging process (less than 1 minute, in one minute); test assembly labor costs 85 yuan / hour; separate BGA test 6 yuan / pcs




Refers to the cleaning of the whole board (except for special components, such as wire, LCD display and customer-specified special components can not be cleaned)

According to the difficulty of the cleaning process of the board, it is calculated from RMB 0.8--1.5/piece.



1. If the package is a normal bubble roll, the carton is provided with a partition on each layer, surrounded by foam cotton, and the board area is below 10CMx10CM.

The packing fee is RMB 0.7/pcs (0.5pcs can be shipped for over 2pcs panel, and the size of the panel is below 10CMx10CM. The board size is below 50CMx50CM,

The packaging fee is charged at RMB 0.5/pcs. The board size is bigger than 10cmx10cm charging in other methods.

2. If the packaging method is electrostatic bag packaging, the board size is below 50cmx50cm, RMB0.6/pcs, and the board size is below 10cm*10cm, RMB1.0/pcs.

Size is above 10CMx10cm charging in other methods.

3. If the packaging method is eggshell packaging, each box can hold 100pcs-150pcs, the unit price is: RMB 0.8/pcs, 50-100pcs per box, the unit price is 1.1/pcs.

4. If the packaging method is red mold foam, 50-80pcs per box, the unit price is RMB 2/pcs.

5. Other special packaging methods calculate working hours and materials according to actual requirements.

 Stencil cost、Engineering fee、Abnormal shaped device processing、Special requirements for adding tin/permeating tin 、Whole board difficulty  coefficient 1.1-1.3


Negotiating price


1. The above quoted  unit price is not included in the tax price;

2. In case of large-volume production, the unit price can be discussed face to face;

3. The above quotation is quoted according to the current average market price of artificial and auxiliary materials in the market in 2019, such as rising costs (in case of labor wages, auxiliary materials, etc.)

Our company has the right to make reasonable adjustments to the above quotation and to inform the customer one month in advance in written form;

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