Seven Tips For Great PCBA Customer Service

- Apr 27, 2017-

This week we will talk about the customer experience, how your customers feel when they’re doing PCBA business with you: the ambiance of doing PCB and assembly business with your company, if you will.Our PCBA customers are so used to being abused by board shops that just a few slight areas of improvement will be noticed immediately. Later, when you become a true PCBA customer service leader, your customers will rave about you.

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So, here are my seven tips for delivering great PCBA customer service:

1. Deliver your PCBA or finished products with pcba on time.

2. If you are not going to deliver your pcba product on time, then let the customer know in plenty of time for them to do something about it.

3. Deliver the best quality PCBA you can. A poor quality board is worse than a late board because it gets into the customer’s system and in the end, it can cost them a lot more time and money than if it was merely late.

4. Do everything with the customer in mind. This means delivering the pcba quote exactly the way the customer wants it quoted. It’s that simple. And please don’t talk about what your system can and cannot do; screw your system. The customer does not care about your system and if you are letting the system dictate you customer service capabilities, you’ve got more serious issues than we can solve here.

5. Do you paperwork as required.

6. Make the buyer proud of doing his PCBA business with you. Make him happy that he chose you as his supplier. If you let him down in any way, he is going to hear about it from the rest of his team.

7. Be open and honest at all times. all times. And here, the bad times are more important than the good times. Many a serious problem has been ameliorated by being honest with the customer. Whether it is a problem you are having building his boards or an untimely scrap-out of a very hot board, you need to own up fast. Just like in “The Godfather,” the customer wants to hear the bad news immediately.

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Think about that for a minute. Even when it’s a tough thing to do, you still have to do it if you are serious about being a great vendor. That’s only common sense.

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