Serve Every Customer With Heart

- Oct 23, 2019-

In the golden autumn of October, the warmth of the first time. In the morning, the delicate sunshine is accompanied by the faint fragrance of passion fruit. FASTPCBA company ushered in our first customer today. Mr. You, a well-known domestic automobile electronics company, and four other leaders came to visit FASTPCBA to guide and guide us from the front desk. Customers review the development of FASTPCBA together.


At the moment we receive the customer from the airport, we have prepared the basic information of our company for the customer. The customer can make a simple understanding of the company from the airport to the company, so that the customer can deepen the main business of the company. One of the controls, to find a more accurate point of convergence, to complete the basic understanding of the supplier.

fastpcba cooperative client

Mr. You listened to the knowledge and content of the FASTPCBA's bidding system and the bidding process, and asked in detail whether the results of the implementation of the FASTPCBA system have achieved the desired results. Our colleagues have explained them one by one. Responding to every detail the customer wants to know is our commitment and belief in serving each and every customer.

FASTPCBA cooperative client

In the workshop, first of all, the customer's interest in PCBA production equipment is very strong, and our engineers have also explained in great detail, including SPI, X-RAY, AOI, online AOI and other equipment, among which customers have updated our company this year. The first detector is very interested. When asked how to use this instrument, the result of the test is not accurate. When asked, how to ask a series of questions, the operator immediately put down the work at hand to give the customer the actual operation again, the customer sees Very satisfied after the end, the most real side of the customer is the purpose and principles of our dedicated service to each customer.


And the customer's urgency, to solve the customer's concerns. To provide customers with all the help to understand the company's management, quality, production, and to assist customers in the realization of products from drawings to products. After all, PCBA foundry is a very complicated thing that needs to be done with a high degree of cooperation. For customers, we are a supplier they can trust, and it is our ultimate goal.


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