Selection Of Double Wave Crest Machine

- Jan 10, 2019-

Wave soldering machine is generally composed of flux spraying system, preheating system, transmission system, wave system and control part.The working principle and application characteristics of each part should be known when selecting model.

(1) welding spraying system

There are two main types of flux spraying, namely compressed air atomization and flux direct atomization.

Main application problems: blocked flux nozzle, incomplete flux coverage, thin flux exhaust pipe (<6 "), insufficient wind, more flux, strong smell.

(2) preheating system

Understand the thermal components and characteristics of the preheating system.The heating components used in general wave soldering machine are electric heat pipe, quartz lamp tube, infrared plate and hot air and their combination.

Quartz tube has low thermal inertia and high energy density.

Infrared plate is easy to crack, the current use is not much.

Hot air for auxiliary use, used for heating components surface.

(3) transmission system

The transmission system can be divided into two types: gripper type, mainly three and one;Framework classes.


(1) claw class.It is suitable for the production of multi-variety and small-batch products, but the equipment utilization efficiency is low, and the small boards, especially the uneven quality distribution small boards are easy to get stuck.Three or. Depending on the waveform design (whether large inclination is required).

Three-stage, mainly used for high efficiency wave soldering machine.High efficiency wave soldering machine requires long preheating system and extended wide flat sliding wave. In order not to beat the transmission system too high, it is generally designed as a section type, as shown in the figure

One-stage, mainly used for short preheating system, compact structure, reliable transmission.

(2) framework class.Can reduce the deformation of the plate, can also be a multi - plate through the furnace.The disadvantage is that the field operation is troublesome.

Application problems: heavy board falling off board, card board.

(4) crest system

It is the key functional component of wave soldering machine, which determines the performance of wave soldering machine.

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