Safety Production Cannot Be Ignored

- Nov 07, 2019-

Yesterday, the fire safety training center of Yulu Village, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, China launched a theme exercise on safety production and fire rescue in the industrial district. Firefighters and safety production propaganda vehicles have dispatched in the event, not only actual performances but also special announcements and guide. After this drill, we deeply realized the shortcomings in daily safety production, not only the lack of professional knowledge and ability in daily safety production, but also neglect of safety production awareness.

Safety production cannot be ignored

This is the second time this month to conduct safety production and fire rescue drills. Why this kind of safety drills are so frequent this year? In fact, in September and October of this year, there were three much serious fires in Dongguan, Tangxia and Guangming New District, which also caused considerable casualties and property losses. Therefore, the safety production and fire protection highlights the inadequacy of our preparation.


Safety production cannot be ignored

People are the first production factor, and as the top priority of production and development, enterprises must always stick safety of employees to the first place. In daily life, the company is the mainstay of safe production. In daily business management, we must not only strengthen the training of employees' fire safety and safety production knowledge, but also cultivate employees' awareness of production safety. At the same time, we must also increase the maintenance of enterprise safety facilities and equipment, so that hardware and personnel can play a role at the same time, to ensure safe production.

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Safety production cannot be ignored

After this training, FASTPCBA Co., Ltd. also held a fire safety drill and training for all employeesin the afternoon. The targeted drills for the weak points of fire safety have not only improved everyone's fire safety knowledge but also their emergency response ability.

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