Safety Measures For Welding

- May 21, 2018-

In SMT processing, manual welding is the most common, but it is necessary to pay attention to some safety measures during the welding process so as to be more efficient.The following safety measures should be paid attention to during Smt processing and welding:

1, due to the distance from soldering iron head of 20 ~ 30 cm in chemical concentration is much smaller than recommended values, so should maintain the correct operating position, when welding the soldering iron head from the operator at the top of the nasal tip area should keep at least 20 cm above, work to straighten the waist, hold out a bosom sits, not devoting to operation.

2, lead almost does not evaporates, but because the operation is to use the thumb and forefinger to hold the solder wire, the fine powder of the filler metal will adhere to the fingertip, so must develop the habit of washing hands before the meal.

3. When SMT welding is carried out with automatic welding machine, a large amount of smoke from the welder is covered in the room.At this time, the wind device can be opened, and then the operation will be started.

4. When SMT is processed for welding, especially because of the repair and disassembly of the welded wires, sometimes the solder will collapse due to the elastic effect of the wire.The rebound of the needle is expected to cause accidental damage, so the operation should wear protective glasses, which must be resolutely carried out.

5. No spatter filler shall be allowed on the workbench and surrounding ground, in case the solder is adhered to the body or clothing.Clean at least once a day so that you can work in a clean environment.

6. Due to the use of soldering or solvents during welding, the electric soldering iron is placed on the worktable, from fire protection.

The Angle of consideration, must be equipped with electric soldering iron frame, the electric soldering iron should be arranged neatly, to be in order.

7. Some people often dump the extra solder that sticks to the electric soldering iron, which not only hurts others, but also gets dirty.

Surface.Accordingly, electric soldering iron stand can place electric soldering iron head cleaner, in order to scrub.Or put a wet towel on the operating table, or it can be used to remove soldering tin from the soldering iron.

8. In addition, the anti-static bracelet can be worn during welding during the dry season.

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