Quality Control Of Pcb Production

- Jan 08, 2019-

Despite the strict process management in the production of Pcb, in the actual production process, there are often some unsatisfactory conditions that are inconsistent with the process requirements. According to the standards and requirements of total quality management, these defective products need to be separated. Analyze and process these defective products.

1) Construct a document system for quality control in Pcb production

(1) Establish a Pcb quality inspection system.

(2) Develop Pcb quality inspection standards.

(3) Develop specifications for visual inspection, AOI testing, ICT testing and FCT testing.

(4) Instructions for the use of standardized testing equipment (AOI detector, ICT detector and FCT detector).

(5) Develop inspection record forms or labels.

(6) Precautions for standardizing equipment operation.

2) On-site management of quality inspection in Pcb production

electronic assembly

Full-time, trained quality management and inspection personnel strictly implement the Pcb quality inspection system inspection process. Set visual inspection or AOI inspection after solder paste printing, set visual inspection after patching, set visual inspection or AOI inspection after reflow soldering, set ICT and FCT detection after wave soldering, and then set assembly visual inspection and quality inspection All tests are based on the test criteria to judge the good and bad products, and the test results are recorded for reference or the corresponding labels are affixed on the products; the use of all equipment is correctly operated according to the use instructions; all the testing processes are carried out according to the standard process, and all corresponding Record; and so on. For example, the requirements for ICT testing (precautions): the machine is operated by a person, the non-developed personnel may not operate or modify the program without permission, and the unrelated personnel are prohibited from using the computer; the operator must wear qualified electrostatic rings or electrostatic gloves, not allowed to wear metal. Accessories; when taking the board, take it lightly, so as not to damage the components; if the machine fails or the same three times occur in succession, immediately notify the relevant engineering and management personnel to process, and the inspection can pass the next step. Work steps during ICT inspection: check the item number, scan the operator code, take the test board, open the socket cover, visually inspect, install the board, close the cover, scan the main screen, take the test results, open the cover, remove Test board.

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