Circuit board drilling and electroplating features

- Aug 29, 2018-

Drilling and electroplating

If multiple layers of PCB are made and contain embedded or blind holes, each layer must be drilled and plated before bonding.If you don't go through this process, you won't be able to connect to each other.

After drilling by machine and equipment according to drilling requirements, the bore inside the bore must be Plated (PTH).After metal treatment inside the bore, the inner layers can be connected with each other.Before starting electroplating, the debris inside the hole must be removed.This is because the epoxy produces some chemical changes when heated, and it covers the inner PCB layer, so it has to be removed first.Removal and plating will be done in the chemical process.

Laminated PCB

Each single layer must be pressed together to create a multilayer board.The pressing action includes adding insulation layer between layers and bonding each other.If there are perforations through several layers, each layer must be treated repeatedly.The wiring of the outer two sides of a multilayer board is usually done after the lamination.


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