- Jan 07, 2017-

For over a decade, FASTPCBA has been committed to assembling high quality printed circuit board

and assemblies for our clients. Whether they ship as a final OEM product or a PCBA, our rigid

processes produce PCBAs that meet even the most stringent requirements. Our passion for building

quality into the PCBAs through strict process control, combined with feedback systems such as

100% automated optical inspection and functional testing, help drive our pursuit of continuous

quality improvement. 

● 100% Automated Solder Paste Printer

● 100% Automated Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

● 0.5mm pitch BGA Component Placement

● X-Ray Machine Inspection

● Automated Optical Inspection

● Hand-Solder Thru-hole PCBA Assembly

● Wave Solder Machine Assembly

● Wave and Automated Selective Solder

● Washing&Cleaning System

● Conformal Coating

● Casing and Housing Assembly

● Custom Functional Testing

FASTPCBA offers one stop prototyping service for PCB's (printed circuit board), PCBA (PCB

Assembly)and other programming, functional testing,housing assembly customized services.

FASTPCBA promises mature PCB manufacturing and fabrication with low cost,quick build time,

100% quality guaranteed for our service. We're trusted by millions of electronic engineers,

hobbyist and makers as single, double & multilayer printed circuit board manufacturer from China.

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Factory address: 3/F. 1/B, 18-2 Yuquan East Rd. Yulv Village. Guangming New district. Shenzhen. China.

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