FASTPCBA medical product cooperation case

- Jan 07, 2019-

In recent years, with the rapid expansion of the international intelligent medical machinery market, people have paid more and more attention to family health, which has led to an increasing demand for medical electronic mechanical products in countries around the world. Therefore, a large number of comprehensive medical electronic handheld instruments, home health checkup equipment, large-scale medical electronic inspection equipment, and many other electronic products have emerged.

FASTPCBA electronics manufacturing company has a life-like manufacturing spirit for medical electronic products. Under the ISO13485 quality management system, it provides high-end customized PCBA processing services for medical machinery customers, including PCB circuit board manufacturing, assembly of PCBA electronic products, and yuan. One-stop service for device type procurement, assembly testing and housing molding. FASTPCBA uses advanced high-speed presses and placement machine welding equipment, using lead-free Japanese solder paste KOKI, to ensure 100% quality on the product.


The above is a high-end ophthalmic cataract ultrasound machine that FASTPCBA provides pcba processing for a customer. It can help some health problems of senile cataract, high-frequency ultrasound examination of senile cataract patients, and explore the diagnostic value of high-frequency ultrasound for the elderly. Complications and a simple diagnosis for senile cataracts. Single, speed, and precise method.

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