Common Quality Defects In Pcb Welding

- Jan 07, 2019-

Why pcb soldering is one of the important links in the assembly process of electronic products. If there is no corresponding PCB quality quality assurance, it is difficult to achieve design specifications for any well-designed electronic device. Therefore, the solder joints should be strictly inspected during soldering to avoid unqualified solder joint quality problems and cause the entire electronic product to fail. The following is a brief introduction to the problem of soldering defects for various electronic pcbs.

First, after the end of the pcb welding operation, in order to make the product have reliable performance, the welding quality work should be inspected. Welding inspections are generally performed for visual inspection, not just for solder joints, but also for inspections around solder joints, such as those derived from soldering. The inspection of the terminal wiring welding is to check from the welding state, check whether the insulation skin of the wire used is damaged, whether the terminal is scratched or not; the bending degree and the elastic state of the wire hook of the hook welding, and whether there are any dirty spots in each part Wait. The performance of electronic components found in electrical performance inspections is damaged due to poor soldering.

pcb welding

Ultimately, the soldering of electronic products is mainly used for electrical connections. If there is a problem with a defective electrical connection, repairs must be made to eliminate the defect.

Soldering defects include electrical connection defects and defects in appearance without electrical connection defects. The handling of products with the first defect has been mentioned previously. But why do we treat products with defective appearance and no electrical connection defects as products with soldering defects? That is because products with such defects are greatly affected by environmental conditions and there is a high risk of electrical failure, that is, such defects are a hidden danger of electrical failure. For solder joint defects that have a connection function during visual inspection, but may be affected by environmental conditions in the future, the connection function may be lost. Therefore, it is considered that the inspection method in which the solder is temporarily attached to the soldering function is insufficient.

Defects discovered by visual appearance inspection and electrical property inspection are called obvious defects. The so-called obvious defect is a defect that appears in appearance by a shape and a gloss which can be found by a certain method, that is, a defect which can be found by a method of visual inspection and electrical property inspection.

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