PCB Splicing And Splitting Issues

- Mar 15, 2019-

The PCB assembly adopts v-cut mode. Now, after manual division, rough edges will always appear in the splicing position, which needs to be polished with sandpaper. Is there any good method to solve the problem of rough edges?Or is there a good way to do it?

PCB assembly

The following are some advantages and disadvantages of PCB board assembly and sub-board given by our company:

1, the advantages of the knife type distributor: low cost disadvantages: only linear distributor.Raw edges.

2. Advantages of ram type plate splitter: low initial input cost and fast speed.Disadvantages: due to the need for a special plate mold, the late cost is high.Have a stress

3, milling cutter parting machine advantages: can be arbitrary shape parting, the stress is very small, cutting edge without burrs.Cons: first time high cost.

4. Advantages of laser plate splitter: it has the advantages of milling cutter type plate splitter at the same time, and can carry out differential cutting on PCB board without stress.Cons: expensive machines.

5, the advantages of the guillotine type separator: pure pneumatic (factory air pressure can be commonly used), small size (desktop), large output, can cut any width and thickness of the aluminum substrate, cost-effective.

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