PCB Raw Material Price Trends In 2017

- Jan 14, 2017 -

2016 is an extraordinary year, the Chinese manufacturing industry for many years of the market,

through direct instruction pressure capacity and strict implementation of environmental

requirements, eliminated a considerable part of the excess and backward production capacity, small

scale, incomplete licenses, irregularities of the enterprise The first to be eliminated, the

industry increased concentration. 

Chemical industry is one of the key focus of the chlor-alkali industry in northwest China's

extensive production methods were halted, the eastern and central have a considerable number of

enterprises to suspend production for rectification, is also around the environmental protection

department screen-type inspection seriously do a good job of waste disposal, Take the initiative

to reduce output, resulting in most of the products from oversupply all of a sudden into a


In 2016 there is no price of chemical raw materials, are relatively surplus products, in 2017

there will be a correction of the opportunity for compensatory growth. Prices have been the

product, prices will continue at high and volatile.

In 2016, there is no price of chemical raw materials, are relatively surplus products, there will

be a consolidation of compensatory growth opportunities in 2017. Prices have been products, prices

will continue to shock at high.

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